While you are on Earth you will not feel any difference between Earth's pull on your feet and Earth's pull on your head; right? However near a Black Hole the difference in forces is so great that your head will be pulled away from your feet. You will be stretched like spaghetti.

Imagine a distant observer watching a large star as it falls into a black hole. First he will see a large, fast spinning, fast moving, bright white star approaching the Black Hole. As it nears the black hole he will see the spin and motion of the star slowing down until it comes to a halt. As for the size and color, he will see it becoming smaller and smaller, redder and redder, dimmer and dimmer until it disappears. As for the position, he will never see the in falling star crossing the event horizon of the Black Hole, instead he will see the Black Hole increasing in size and engulfing the now small, slow spinning, slow moving, dim red star.